Meditation, Art & Life

  • Create a Home Retreat for yourself in 5 steps

    “Whenever you feel the outside impulse to move faster, that could be the cue to go slow and go deep. Only then, lasting progress blooms.”
  • Sharing on negative emotions and allow emotions to move through in 5 steps

    “When facing the dark time, embracing this moment right in front of you and knowing that all you ever need is what you already have within.”
  • The original Little Mermaid story & its great ending - A spiritual lesson on happiness & letting go.

    "Our own happiness is within and is something we have full control of by looking after it ourselves, staying true to our value and life purpose but letting go of external outcomes that is out of our hands."

     When mentioning about the little mermaid, I guess most of you would think of the famous Disney animation. But I am actually referring to the original story written by Hans Christen Andersen. I personally think the story has a great ending. And I will tell you why.

  • 5 tips to make meditation your daily practice

    It is the beginning of 2023, and many of us have quite a few new year resolutions. I am always so happy at this time of the year seeing meditation classes, yoga studio and the gym are full of people with great energy. It is indeed one of the most exciting times of the year. But then at some point during the year, the excitement slows down. A common question I get from my friends and clients is " How to make meditation a daily practice?".

    Well, If one of your 2023 new year resolutions is meditation regularly, then I have got your back!

  • Vietnamese Tea Meditation in Auckland, New Zealand

    "Tea meditation is the art of finding stillness in a cup of tea, and enjoy yourself on a journey of self-discovery" ~ Sierra Truong.

    Tea meditation is the introduction of mindfulness and meditation to anyone that is interested in exploring their inner journey through the way of tea. And it also reveals your possibility to design your own practice, perhaps with your cup of coffee or with different activities of your interest.

  • Instagram for Female Artists on creating spiritual art, just 2 simple strategies

    Today, I will share with you my story with @innerbeautybysierra that goes from 2k to 14k+ in 3 months.
  • Making a living as a spiritual artist - Spill some tea on the Why & the How

    Warning: This is a lengthy blog post about how I make my living as a spiritual artist & also some of my near future plans.

    Spoiler 1: Most of my customers are from Instagram.

    Spoiler 2: Guess what! I will be at Armageddon this October in Auckland.

    Spoiler 3: Thanks to StickerDot, I now have my branding stickers ready to stickkkk...

  • Major turning points in my life - How I started to meditate

    There are many turning points in my life that helped me be a better version of myself. Many of them are quite sad or traumatize like a breakup, accident or failures… but I have to say there are two major ones that had the most effect and I am forever grateful for them to happen.
  • The mantra Aum - the start of everything

    Everything starts with Aum. Well, my journey started with Aum literally. It was the Aum chanting by the end of some yoga classes that got me questi...
  • The art of letting go

     Letting go is definitely something we all have to learn and practice continuously throughout our life. It is from letting go of very small little ...
  • Making a living from teaching meditation

    - Can meditation teachers make money at all? This is the question I got asked quite often. I guess it is because there are teachers who offer free...
  • WeMeditate - Guided meditation podcast

    WeMeditate is a meditation podcast program created by Sierra Truong, a spiritual artist and meditation teacher based in Auckland, New Zealand. The meditation podcast is designed to assist you with your daily home practice; to help you being more present, activating your own energy to perform better at whatever activities you participate in. You can find out more about the benefits of meditation, mindfulness exercises, and chakras balancing on Sierra’s Instagram @innerbeautybysierra