What I am currently working on now

(updated May 3rd 2024, from my home in Auckland, New Zealand)

Hosting Tea meditation

I started hosting tea ceremony (or I call it Tea meditation - as a direct translation from Vietnamese term Thien tra, the tradition of tea in which I am following) since January 2023 all around Auckland.

This year, I host tea circles monthly at The Grounded Circle, a community I founded in 2022, and every now and then at SOMM (The school of modern meditation) in Auckland Central. These are the 2 communities I love and am proud to be part of. If you are in Auckland, come sit with me in our Tea meditation sometimes.

Ebook: Speak powerfully & authentically - Your Sacred Voice Activation

Last year, my friend Dasha, a standup comedian & I hosted a workshop on Public speaking & authentic self-expression together for the first time. This year, we are doing it again on May 4th with a small intimate group of women who are inspired to start their public speaking journey together with us.

This ebook was put together last year by me as a workbook for the participants to bring home and continue their practices. From February this year, I have updated and rewrote many materials in the ebook together with Dasha's.

Launching this ebook on May 2nd, I already got over 10 inquiries to buy the ebook from few coaches & health practitioners to share with their clients. I am just excited that this ebook resonates with many people even just from reading the blurb.

My strengths as an artist & meditation teacher are to create art journalling exercises and grounding practices to support others on their journey with deep communication and authentic self-expression. At the same time, Dasha brings in the powerful elements of her experiences with public speaking since a very young age of being a performer, later a journalist, MC, standup comedian and breath work facilitator.

More info on the ebook can be found here.

Working on my oracle deck: Messages of the Inner Self

This is a project that I have started in 2022. All the artworks are done. I am now working on the proposal to submit to some publishers. I'd like to get a publisher on board with this project and bring it to life.

This is my first deck that I am working on (I have illustrated decks for other authors before), so if you have experiences on publishing either decks or books or are just interested in this area, I would love to connect. Write to me at

The Grounded Circle Podcast with Dean Watson

My partner, Dean Watson and I have a podcast together named The Grounded Circle as we share our stories on navigating life together here in NZ in a grounding and practical approach. Our topics are varies with things we deeply care about. And we are not shy away from talking about the elephants in the room or considered taboo topics like "money", "fame", all of that.

You are welcomed to listen and share your insights with us here.