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In 2023, The Grounded Circle hosted the first "Throat Chakra Activation" workshop for women with a different approach to the usual public speaking program. We really focus on the "feminine" space, the "grounding" space of understanding and accepting our conditioning & programming before embracing in the changes.

The thing that we often miss is that transformation can be a quiet & slow process. And how it can actually start is from the place of reflection. When we understand ourselves better, we know which part needs more work - quite often "inner" work. This approach helps us seeing the root cause of some certain blocks we might have. And we all have different blocks or weaknesses.

The "masculine" or the doing, the practicing are activated based on the foundation of the "feminine", the birthing space or the being.

What is "Throat Chakra"?

Throat Chakra is an energy center that is a part of the Chakra system. Chakra in Sankrit means “wheel” and refers to energy points in your body. Each chakra is an energy house that governs a different area of the human body and psyche. The seven chakras are thought of as the main energy points in your body, which run down the spine. The throat chakra is located around our throat area. It is the energy house of our communication - to speak and be heard.

The intentions of our workshop:

Here are what we commit to create for all of our "Throat Chakra Activation" workshops:

  • A safe space for everyone to honor who they are
  • A creative yet authentic space for self-expression
  • A supportive environment to practice, make mistakes and embrace failures
  • A supportive environment of constructive feedback for improvement
  • A retreat with time & space designed for deep reflection & connection to your inner self
  • A fun day packed with all the basic tools for your journey with public speaking & self-confidence

Our next "Throat Chakra Activation - speak calmly & authentically" workshop is on Saturday 4th May, 2024. For more information, please visit here

About the host/organizer:

Sierra Truong

Sierra is a meditation teacher, artist & writer based in Auckland, New Zealand. She is originally from Hanoi, Vietnam. In 2014, she started to meditate and learned to teach meditation from a Bakti yoga spiritual path she was a part of for over 3 years. After leaving the spiritual path, Sierra has been teaching meditation & self-expression workshops and hosting women's circles and art events all around Auckland. Sierra is a devotee of joy and love. She strongly believes in the grounding art of meditation, embodiment & intuitive art practices to help women stepping into their infinite power & magic. Self-confidence is a by-product of the journey returning to the true essence of who we really are at the center of our consciousness.

Sierra has also been on the public speaking journey herself since 2016, knowing that she would love to be on the path of teaching meditation and leading retreats. In all of her workshops and classes, her priority is to provide every woman with all the basic tools needed and for them to be able to continue their journey with unconditional support.


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