Inner Beauty By Sierra's Mission

 "Since I was a very little girl, I adored beauty in all things. It led me to love creating art and making things look nice and beautiful. I always wanted to look beautiful just like many other young girls. Until one day, I realized that if I don't feel beautiful, it doesn't matter how I look. If I don't feel beautiful, it doesn't matter how pretty is the things I make or the art that I create. It is all coming from within. It is all coming from how I feel about myself. That's when the concept of my "INNER BEAUTY" started."

  In the end of 2019, Inner Beauty By Sierra was born as an Etsy store that sells digital prints on the subject of yoga, meditation & spiritual practices. The intention of the whole brand was to inspire and help people with their spiritual practices at home. It was about how to make meditation your daily routine effortlessly? How to make practicing yoga even more fun? How to create your own little sacred place at home more inspirational for your practice? And then through the collection of digital products like ebooks & digital journals, it became How to connect to your inner self? How to design your dream life? After almost 2 years, the brand's mission evolved into this final statement which is:

To inspire people to tap into their inner beauty in order to live their most authentic and abundant lives.

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