Meet the Artist

Hi friends,

I am Sierra, artist & meditation teacher behind Inner Beauty By Sierra & The Grounded Circle.

I was always into art & crafts at a very young age, but it took me almost 30 years of my life to finally have the courage to live my dream which is doing art full time. If we think of living our life purpose ( or dharma) as being on a train of life which we have the control to pick the destination and to get on and get off at any station we want, I got off at a wrong station which was to try to become an architect. I don't often consider any past experience as a wrong decision. But in this case, I used the word "wrong" because since the beginning I knew that I did not really want to become an architect. I still finished the architecture degree (plus the master degree) and worked as an architectural graduate and later an interior designer for almost a decade. Deep down I knew I wanted to do art and actually work for myself rather than for a firm or a corporation.

So I knew I got off the wrong station, I tried to hop back on the train again but this time I picked a different line. I found a spiritual guru, became his disciple and joined his spiritual path. I was so unfulfilled at that point in my life with my career. I was making money but I was bored to death at work. My interest was more in feeding my curiosity on spiritual practices. And in my spiritual path, everyone believed that a career isn't as important as your dedication to the Supreme. I kept on having a boring job while my main focus is the activities with my spiritual path after work hours. I was happy and buzzing being with the community of spiritual people. Until 3 years later, I experienced a mild depression from burning out of working a boring yet stressful job and too many selfless service activities that making me resenting being part of my spiritual community. My cup was too empty. The only thing that helped me was to start drawing again and to art journal my thoughts and feelings. I left my spiritual path.


And I started drawing and putting my art out on Instagram. My artworks were all line art back then, simply hand drawings that being scanned and posted on Instagram and Facebook. My meditation helped me connected to my inner self and my art helped processing all my feelings and emotions. Then I could be able to sail to a safe habour myself without having the support of a big community I used to have. Leaving the community of people that I considered my chosen family was not easy. And creating art has helped me to share and connect to the world once again after 3 years of staying out of the normal world and hiding in my spiritual path.

In the end of 2019, I realized that my spiritual practices & my art are one. And thanks to all of my past experiences, I now are back on the train that are meant for me, the direct line with my life purpose. The thing is once we know the feeling of living on an alignment with your life purpose or dharma or sacred duty whatever word we use for this, we wouldn't want to get off the wrong station again. That's when I quit my 9-5 job as a commercial interior designer and started building INNER BEAUTY BY SIERRA. Like many other girls, beauty was something I chased after and didn't believe that I have it. Since I was a very little girl, I adored beauty in all things. It led me to love creating art and making things look nice and beautiful. I always wanted to look beautiful. Until one day, I realized that if I don't feel beautiful, it doesn't matter how I look. If I don't feel beautiful, it doesn't matter how pretty is the things I make or the art that I create. It is all coming from within. It is all coming from how I feel about myself. That's when the concept of my "INNER BEAUTY" started. The question was only about how to evoke that inner beauty? 

During my time in my spiritual path living as a nun ( apart from still going to work everyday, I didn't engage in anything else of the outside world), I have experienced inner beauty very strongly on a daily basis. It is not a myth, it is more real than any cosmetic commercials out there. It is all about how to get to know myself better, how to listen more to my inner self, how to connect deeply to my inner self. Meditation, yoga, spiritual practices are great tools and so does creating art & crafts and so does doing sport. Because these activities could be very meditative, and they forcing us to be in the moment. Art is powerful as it is not only about creating beauty, but also about sharing the inner world of the artists to the outside world.

And with Inner Beauty By Sierra, what I am trying to embody everyday in myself and in my art is to inspire others to tap into their inner beauty in order to live their most authentic and abundant life. Because living your dream is very fulfilling, once you know it you won't want to live any other way, especially the ones that society has picked out for you. And happiness & abundance are byproducts of being in an alignment with your life purpose.

Love & gratitude,

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