4 simple steps to have a beautiful wall art at home

This is 4 simple steps for you to have a beautiful wall art at home.

1. Find the digital artwork you like from my website or any platform where digital artworks are available for sale. (Another great market place for digital printable wall arts is Etsy)

2. Pick the right frame for your space at home. You would want to consider how big is your wall, how much space you have for the artwork with all other furniture being considered in the picture. What is the right size for the frame (or if you want to print the artwork onto canvas?).

One little trick for you to get this done professionally: you could take a picture of your room then either print it out or sketch over it using your ipad - just draw a box as a little frame and see how big/how small it should be to look good in your interior space. From then, you can estimate what size to get for your frame/ and to print the artwork. This trick is definitely handy when you want to place different artworks next to each other onto your wall.

3. Print the artwork(s) at home or at your local printing shop. There are so many good printing shops out there, and even the warehouse has great quality prints and service. This high technology era really makes things much easier for everyone when it comes to printing.

4. Hang the wall art up onto your wall.

How does it feel after doing pretty much everything to decorate your home/office yourself? Do you feel a lot more connected to the art? One thing I know is that any artist would feel extremely grateful for your support to their art and also super happy to be able to add more joy and happiness to other people lives in that way.


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