Throat Chakra Balancing Practice - How I started my Podcast & become a guest on The Iquisitive Wren Podcast

 Hello friends,

 It has been a while since I published my last blog post. I had a long Christmas and summer holiday in New Zealand this year. But I never forget about sharing my practice on the chakra balancing though, so don't you worry about that! If I am not putting things out online, I usually jot them down onto my journal for when I am ready to be back to the online world again.

 One of my highlights this summer is being on The Inquisitive Wren Podcast hosted by Sha Le'Wilante. What I am most grateful for is to have the opportunity to connect with like-minded souls all over the world, including the beautiful host Sha Le'Wilante. Today, I will share with you the part of my journey on balancing my throat chakra, starting my own podcast and my experience with The Inquisitive Wren Podcast interview.

 Since starting my journey on studying the chakras and learning to balance them, I really love working on my throat chakra. As I know my throat chakra has been blocked for a long time since the teenage years, I have made decision to really put a lot more effort into this chakra. The throat chakra is simply about to hear and to be heard.

  Learning to speak well and express myself better also means to learn to truly listen to others without judgment. So yes, learning to hear others out is part of the practice. Secondly, to communicate well with others, I know I have to communicate better with myself. Does this sound interesting to you? It was super odd to me to hear when I first hear about it from a podcast. But thinking more about it, I found this was so accurate. There was so many times I ignored my inner voices then later on thinking that I should have listened to it better. There was many times I know what I wanted but trying to tame myself to want something different. I thought this was the time when I took action on improving my communication skill starting with learning to communicate with myself better. And it worked! How I learn to listen to my inner voice better is through doing my meditation practice regularly, especially meditation on my throat chakra. The more willing I am to connect deeper to my higher self, the clearer my communication becomes. When this step was getting better, I moved on to the third step which is to sharpen my speaking skill. I started my podcast named WeMeditate to not only share experience on meditation but also to practicing my speaking. The first 5 episode was hard as I know the quality could be bad but I did it anyway. I wrote the script and rehearsed 4 to 5 times before recording them. Episode 6 onward suddenly became a lot easier. The way I spoke was a little more natural and less robotic sound than before. This was because podcasting had becoming part of my life style. Then it makes sense that it becomes more natural.

 In the end of 2021, Sha wrote me the loveliest email asking if I wanted to be on her show. She came across my Etsy shop which I sell spiritual art ( same things that I sell here on my website) then learned that I had a podcast on meditation. I went on her site to listen to her podcast and thought to myself that this is definitely a podcast I would love to be on. I just clicked with her beautiful energy straight away. And that is how it started. I am guessing without hearing my voice and the work I do through my podcast, people might not feel as connected with me personally. And none of this opportunity would have come my way. I had an amazing over an hour talking with Sha. The energy we exchanged during the episode was so strong and beautiful that it sparked me so much joy and inspiration to do more and share more of my work, of my experience that could help any of you readers/ followers in your daily lives. I am grateful to Sha, to the universe that set us up for our first collaboration ( will be more to come as I d love to have her on my podcast as well), to my podcast & to my throat chakra work.

 So now, I d like to invite you to plan yourself a project on your throat chakra. If you want to start a podcast, please do and let me know. I will make sure to listen! But you also don't need a podcast to start. You can design your own project following my three steps:

1. Learn to truly listen to understand and accept ( many times we listen only so we can reply with our own judgment and opinions. This is not truly listening)

2. Learn to communicate with ourselves firstly to improve our communication with others ( meditate & journal to get to know ourselves better)

3. Sharpen our communication skills ( speaking skill, presenting skill, also writing skill... could be anything you think that could help you in expressing yourself in the most authentic way - mine is speaking)


 And finally, here is Sha' The Inquisitive Wren Podcast - the episode in which I was blessed to be the guest. In this episode, we talked about creativity, spiritual art, yoga & life.

 About the host Sha Le'Wilante: Sha is a therapist and holistic therapeutic consultant living in London. She runs a highly sought-after coaching practice 'The Coaching Approach' offering affordable structured coaching sessions. She is also a Spiritual Medium and have worked across the UK in spiritualist churches and other forums demonstrating mediumship and life after death connecting people with their loved ones and those who have moved on to the world of spirit.




Here is also link to the podcast on Apple Podcast

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  • Hi Sierra,
    What an absolutely beautiful summary of our hour together, and of your experience, for which I am ever so grateful. I have said to everyone that you are the ‘real deal.’ Your energy is high, and I’m not sure if you are even aware of how much it illuminates in this world. There are some exercises that I can recommend for throat chakra work and you have inspired me to make a video about it! You see, this is how all this works, we all inspire each other. Thank you once again for joining me. Sending big hugs and blessings of light!

    Sha LeWilante

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