Sun Salutations basic

Anyone doing yoga knows about Sun Salutations. It's the most common sequence that we learn firstly in yoga practice.

In Sankrit, Sun Salutations are called Surya Namaskar (सूर्यनमस्कार IAST: Sūrya Namaskār). "Surya" is derived from the root "Su" means releasing solar energy. "Namaskar" is a respectful greeting translated as "I bow to you".

Surya Namaskar is generally considered to be a morning practice, designed to harness the prana shakti (life energy) which is most abundant at dawn. The sequence stimulates all muscles, organs, systems and chakras in addition to cultivating concentration and stillness of the mind. It is a physical practice to honor the sun's life giving energy. It provides a complete work-out for body, mind and spirit. It is an energizing and efficient way to connect with inner strength and stability and is often used as a warm-up at the start of a longer yoga practice.

Additionally, Surya Namaskar provides many overall health benefits such as:

  • Maintaining cardiovascular health

  • Stimulating the nervous system

  • Improving strength and flexibility

  • Enhancing cognitive functions

  • Relieving stress and fatigue

  • Regulating hormones

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