The Sacral Chakra - 3 things I learned to unblock the flow of creativity

The Sacral Chakra is considered our emotional identity and it houses a large amount of energy which we call passion. This is the chakra that allows us to enjoy being in our body, connect intimately and also use that energy to fuel our goals in creating the life we desire. The sacral chakra holds the power of our creativity. Today, what I want to share with you is this aspect of the sacral chakra - how to unblock the flow of our creativity.

I have been pursuing a career in a creative industry for ten years. I graduated from Architecture school and worked as architectural graduate and interior designer for years, then recently shifted to create spiritual illustrations full time. Since very little, I love being creative, I would draw all day, make art from different materials all day without getting bored. Then there was time, somewhere in my late teens, I did not know what to create. I wanted to become a comic artist but I could never finish drawing a chapter of a comic book. I would quit after drawing few pages. Then I studied architecture and would work on my projects days and nights but always felt like I wasn't as creative as my classmates. I felt like I did not have talent. I thought that being talented and creative means that you can create great work on the first try. I thought that creativity means being born genius.

Only after I quit my interior design job and started to do art full time, I realized there is an unlimited flow of creativity. As I have been experiencing it every single day til today. Even with writing - something I rarely did at all in my life after graduating, I picked it up recently just from journalling and blogging, and there is no writer block. I believe writer block or creative block is made up. It is a lie we tell ourselves when we don't want to start the process of trying, failing and creating bad art until one day, we create good art. But what I want to share today is how do I get here? There are 3 things I learnt from balancing the sacral chakra in general and working specifically on my flow of creativity.

- First thing I learn: Spending time with my soul, my spirit helps me generate ideas. Our ideas can come from our inner wisdom so why not connecting to this unlimited source? It is my habit of meditating for 30 minutes then journalling 10 minutes every morning that brings me so many great ideas everyday. The sacral chakra, as I mentioned before is our emotional identity. So by journalling on our feelings and emotions, it is a way to be intimate and comfortable with ourselves. When we allow us to feel and not numb the emotions, we also allow these emotions to flow and manifest into creative energy. I can say I never run out of ideas, heaps of bad ideas and plenty of good ones. Anything that sparks joy in me, I try them all. When they don't work, I learned something to do better next time, and the thing is most of them work maybe not after the first try, but the second, the third, the forth. It doesnt matter actually. What matters is these ideas give me so much energy to follow through and create.

- Second thing: Habits and routines create flow. I went through a phase in my life of not having habits and routines at all, doing many spontaneous things as I thought that this is creativity. I thought that I needed all these space for ideas to pop up, being spontaneous is cool and fun and different. But actually what I ended up with with a lot of procrastinating and rarely getting things done. Yes, some fun and big ideas appreared but not much creating. Now, when I have a good routine and habits in my day, things fall into places and creativity energy flows effortlessly. I don't need to make too many decisions during the day, my day is more organised and simpler which save me whole lot of energy and time to put on creating art either illustrations or content like blogging, podcasting, online marketing and many other things.

- Third and last thing: Connecting with the energy of nature, and the energy of water - the element of the sacral chakra, or the energy of other creative being. Whenever I fell tired, stuck or flat during my day, I stop trying to force my energy, I go out for a walk instead, or go take a bath, take shower, either connect with energy of nature or energy of water - which is the element of the sacral chakra, this helps me feel fresh again and I can continue flow with creating art. There is another way to do this is to do a meditation specifically on the sacral chakra visualizing the flow of water helping you unblocking your chakra. And as mentioned before, connecting to the creative energy of other beings. These are outer source of creative energy that could help you recharge yours as we all made of energy. Reading an affirmation, or a great article or a book on a subject that you care about would give you great ideas and inspirations. This is how you can easily lift your energy. Connect to your friends who are inspiring to you is also another example. Surround yourselves with creative energy that could help lifting you up. Or maybe they are allready around you. It only need some extra attention from you.

So, these are the 3 things I learned to unblock the flow of creativity.

Pause - Reconnect to yourself. Form your own routines and habits. Reconnect to your creative sources surround you.

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Have fun flowing with your creativity. Remember we already have that in us, we just need to learn and practice to unleash the energy and direct them to whatever we desire in life. It is also what the sacral chakra is about.

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