3 Daily Habits for balancing the Root Chakra

The root chakra, the first chakra in the main 7 chakra system, is known as “the root support” or "foundation" as translated from its Sankrit name: Muladhara. Located at the base of the spine at about tailbone-level, at its most basic level, the root chakra is concerned with needs. It governs one’s senses of stability, safety, strength, and commitment and is responsible for self-preservation, especially through our ability to identify with physical body and its basic needs - in order to not only to stay alive but also to thrive. And this ability to identify with the needs of our body sounds very basic and primal but it actually requires from us than we think. A simple example is that sometimes we leave ourselves too hungry, then when we get to food, we over eat and feel sick and bloated afterward. Or when we forget to drink enough water, or we clumsily bump into things because we forget to be present, we accidently hurt ourselves while getingt lost in our thoughts. Small things like that happens all the time, and do we notice or just let ourselves be carried away without being aware at all?

From my understanding, fear and greed are at the two ends of the spectrum when the root chakra is out of balance.

So, balancing the root chakra means to learn the ability to be stable and rooted, to be present, to set boundaries, to have enough and to know when we have enough.

It is the connection of the mind, body and spirit at most it basic level and sometimes being overlooked.

There are many ways to help balancing the Root Chakra. The most talked about are: meditate on root chakra, doing yoga poses and exercises for the root chakra, reciting affirmations, wearing the colour red - the colour of the root chakra,... and so on. I have practicing them all and adopt couples of things to be my daily habits. What I want to share today is the 3 daily habits on how to connecting the body, mind, spirit in balancing the Root chakra.

First habit

 The first habit is doing a simple exercise to ground the body and connecting the nature. As the Root chakra is associated with energy of the element Earth. I feel it is important to get charged by that energy daily. Walking barefoot in nature, on the grass or on the sand is my most favourite. I do that in winter sometimes as well at the beach. It is freezing but very refreshing. And i only do that for couples of minutes per day. Other simple exercise to do if I can't go out is tree pose. It is such a great pose to improve our balance. It is simple but certainly not the easiest. It can be as challenging and interesting as you want it to be. Try it everyday for a period of time and you will see the different.

Second habit

 The second habit is the thing I do to nourish my mind. It is 10 to 20 minutes journalling daily, specifically on fears and greed. What I am most insecure about and what I am most obsessed about. I found it is extremely helpful to put these thoughts down on paper. They help me navigating through my feelings and getting to the deepest corner of my mind. And I have to say I was not a big fan of writing at the beginning, and writing down these thoughts are so scary. It feels so raw and naked. But overtimes, I certainly understand myself better, and can see both my strength and weaknesses so much clearer. And most importantly, after I write down my fears and obsessions, I am able to face them, take back the control and the chance I can conquer them is higher than not acknowledging them. so Now, journalling is my most favourite thing to do in the morning.

Third habit

 This is the final habit but actually the first one I always do in the morning. Yes! It is meditation. I would never start getting on with my day without meditation. I would never start giving my time away to others before I spend sometimes alone for my own soul firstly, even if it is just 5 mins in the morning. For the root chakra, I meditate visualising my root growing deep into the ground and feeling so much love from Mother Earth. Then to finish the meditation, I usually recite some affirmations on the the root chakra. Whenever I feel anxious during the day, meditation is the first thing I would do to help me gain back some stability and ability to be present. If you are looking for a short meditation on the root chakra, you can listen to episode 6 on this podcast.

So these are my 3 daily habits on balancing the root chakra. I found them very helpful and as being the habits, they are effortless to do for me nowaday. I hope sharing these with you would help you find the most suitable ways for you to work on your root chakra. The key is to make it sustainable and enjoyable.  If you have any questions or feedbacks, feel free to write to me at innerbeautybysierra@gmail.com


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