Tea meditation & Throat chakra activation for women | Speak calmly & authentically - on Sat Nov 4th 2023
Tea meditation & Throat chakra activation for women | Speak calmly & authentically - on Sat Nov 4th 2023
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Tea meditation & Throat chakra activation for women | Speak calmly & authentically - on Sat Nov 4th 2023

Tea meditation & Throat chakra activation for women | Speak calmly & authentically - on Sat Nov 4th 2023

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Meditation + Throat Chakra activation | Speak calmly & authentically (space limited to an intimate & small group of 8 feminine beings)

~ this event is for any feminine beings that would like to speak more calmly, confidently & authentically. If you are called to public speaking for hosting a circle, starting classes, starting your coaching career, come join us ~ YOU DON'T NEED CONFIDENCE TO SPEAK, YOU JUST NEED A WILLINGNESS TO START THIS JOURNEY OF GETTING MORE AUTHENTIC, CONFIDENCE AND CALM IN YOUR SPEAKING TOGETHER WITH US.

If you want to connect with me and see whether this event is for you, you are welcome to come to my Wednesday meditation session at Manzana for free to check out & stay back for a little chat with me for 30 mins. We can chat on your journey and you can ask me any question.

If you know this event is exactly for you, go ahead and grab your ticket now. I am excited to see you on the day x


Date: Saturday November 4th, 2023

Time:  11am - 3.30pm

Location: Manzana, level 5, 47 High street, Auckland Central (more details on the venue will be emailled out closer to the event)


- 11:00 - 11:15: Arriving + greeting + Vegan GF homemade snacks + tea

- 11:15 - 11:30: Opening ceremony + Introduction of all women & Intention setting (10 mins)

- 11:30 - 11:45: Warming up group exercise - ice breaking fun exercise (10 mins)

- 11:45 - 12:00: Introduction on the 7 chakras & the throat chakra

- 12:00 - 12:10: Important of the breaths to speaking in public. Breath-awareness exercise. 

- 12:10 - 12:30: Guided Meditation on the throat chakra | Throat chakra - Your sacred voice activation

- 12:30 - 13:20: Embodiment exercise. Art Journaling - creating your manifestation roadmap for being your magnetic authentic self & Sharing on your journey

- 13:20 - 13:40: Tea meditation + nourishing food as a light lunch | Host sharing on her story of starting a women's circle

- 13:40 - 14:45: Sharing tips on public speaking. Speaking exercises - Different exercises to practice & everyone gets to speak and receive feedbacks.

- 14:45 - 14:50: Closing ceremony - short meditation & takeaway conclusion

- 14:50 - 15:30: Q&A + more snacks + tea. Time for conversations, mingling & connecting.


**What you can get out of the workshop:

- Throat chakra - Your sacred voice activation. And how to balance your throat chakra and continue your practice at home.

- Better understanding on deep communication, the practice of expressing yourself truthfully, the art of giving engaging speeches, tips on story telling and connecting deeply to the audience.

- What authenticity means & how to practice authentic living.

- Deeper connection with your inner self & your inner voice, to embrace your authentic self, and to understand yourself better through the practice of meditation & journalling with prompt questions given by hosts.

- The art of holding space for others and hosting a women's circle. The importance and great impact of conscious listening.

- Learn the breath-awareness exercises that could help you speak more calm & clear.

- Get to do speaking exercises and Learn how to keep practicing at home. The exercises are catered to your individual need & personal journey. Get to create your own roadmap to speak calmly and authentically.

- Being in a safe space to share your personal story. Connecting with other women at a meaningful and deeper level in the practice of holding space for each other, listening deeply to other stories and sharing thoughts & insights.

- Continuous support from host with consultation for your own personal journey 3 months after the event. This means 1 on 1 catching up over a tea meditation, group gatherings, women's circles, or cafe catching up once after the session. Free pass to regular Wednesday meditation class at Manzana for 3 months. Free downloads on materials for hosting women's circle, public speaking tips, throat chakra meditation.

- Healthy homemade food, snacks and herbal/ fruit tea are provided.

- A little thank you gift from our sponsors to take home.

What you need to bring:

- Your own journal/ notebook & pen ( papers & pen will be provided for anyone that doesn't bring their own journal)

- No prior experience on public speaking required. This event is designed for any women who is called to create a women's circle, start a meditation/yoga class, facilitate events, start a coaching career. This event is also for someone that wants to speak more calmly, confidently and authentically.

- Warm clothes for your own comfort.

Where to park:

- Some free street parkings around city central are available on Sunday

- Victoria st Carpark is in 3 mins walking to the venue with weekend rate: $2 per hour.



or click on this link


- Sierra Truong is a spiritual artist & meditation teacher with background in architecture & interior design. She started to meditate and learn to teach meditation in 2014.

Her public speaking journey started when she was working on her 7 chakra & yoga coloring book in 2017. She started to focus intensively on balancing her throat chakra and get training with many public speaking programs, vocal training programs and singing groups. Sierra has been a meditation teacher for over 4 years and a women's circle host for a year. She is excited to share all what she knows and her personal story and experiences with all of you through this workshop for women.

Sierra strongly believes that no one needs confidence to speak and all we need is a willingness to start. When we speak from our hearts and let go of our self critics, we learn and embrace the fear of public speaking a lot more than we think. Her mission is to inspired others to tap into their inner beauty to live their most authentic & abundant lives.



- The circle is founded by Sierra Truong, a spiritual artist & meditation facilitator in Auckland with the mission to create a little spiritual community of female entrepreneurs & creatives who is passionate about living their most authentic and abundant lives. All of our women's gathering starts with a tea meditation and flows to a journaling practice, then sharing stories.

- We are committed to hold space for each and every women to share their story, to be heard & to feel most authentic. As we believe true belonging is to stay true to your inner self while also accepting and surrendering to what is.

- Authenticity and abundance go together. Most of our session is to remind ourselves to once again appreciating what we have as they are all foundation for abundance. And we can all enjoy abundance in the stillness we share together through tea meditation, the joy of taking care of our inner self, the love in sharing & listening to others. Spirituality is connection with ourselves, with others, with all things in Nature. And community is wealth.