The Grounded Circle

About The Grounded Circle:

- The Grounded Circle is a community to support our daily spiritual practices, to bring our heart, mind and soul together to create the our most passionate and purposeful lives.

We empower everyone to practice accepting life as it is and surrendering our judgments to life; to transform our criticism and judgment through an inward acceptance of our truest nature and through an outward expression of our most authentic self.

Our mundane everyday life can be a meditation practice in which there is always opportunity to let go of things we can't control and return to the center of our awareness - return to the Now.

-The circle is founded in October 2022 by Sierra Truong, a spiritual artist & meditation facilitator in Auckland with the mission to create a little spiritual community of female entrepreneurs & creatives who is passionate about living their most authentic and abundant lives. All of our women's gathering starts with a tea meditation and flows to a journaling practice, then sharing stories.

- We are committed to hold space for each and every women to share their story, to be heard & to feel most authentic. As we believe true belonging is to stay true to your inner self while also accepting and surrendering to what is.

- Authenticity and abundance go together. Most of our session is to remind ourselves to once again appreciating what we have as they are all foundation for abundance. And we can all enjoy abundance in the stillness we share together through tea meditation, the joy of taking care of our inner self, the love in sharing & listening to others. Spirituality is connection with ourselves, with others, with all things in Nature. And community is wealth.

Our events:

- Tea Meditation & Women's circle: on the last Sunday of the month from 10am-12.30pm.

This is a small intimate gathering in which we do a tea meditation & a journalling session on a particular topic, then holding space for each other to share our journey.

This gathering embodies the elements of Earth and Light. The circle is created with intention to help our women feeling relaxed, grounded, safe and also free to share and to be their most authentic self.


- Mini meditation + art retreat: more information on the home page on date and time.

This is a bigger gathering of 10-15 women in which we do a variety of different activities: tea meditation, guided meditation, journalling, creating art or chakra balancing exercises,... The program of each gathering depends on the theme of the gathering.

This gathering embodies the elements of Water, Air, Ether and sometimes Fire when we focus on emotions, feelings, creativities and practices to make things happen.


- Meditation and journalling session after work for female entrepreneurs at Manzana: Wednesday 5.30 pm - 6.30 pm.

This session is part of WeMeditate project in which we design specifically to help entrepreneurs in their journey to fulfill their mission and at the same time take good care of their wellness.


* All images are from our in-person events.

* Youtube video is our footages of our Self-love Saturday event in March 2023